Craig's Mac Page

Welcome to my page

For those who don't know me I am a recent convert to the Mac. I've had a G3 for 3-4 years now, which gave me a taster to the world of Mac. But it wasn't until the arrival of my G5 Powermac that I was able to fully get into the Mac experience. I'm still exploring the world of Mac and have plenty to learn. Thank you Liss-Mug for the opportunity to contribute to the site.

My first nugget of Wisdom

Recently I had a blue screen failure on my G5. I couldn't get onto the desktop or into safe mode on start up. I took the G5 to Andrew Banks for help. He managed to start the G5 in safe mode and removed some start menu programs which we believed had caused the problem. When I got the G5 home, I had the exact same issue. Blue screen and unable to get into safe mode. It was a few days later when I discovered the fault had been caused by the KVM switch which had been connected without issue for 2 months. The cause of the fault was the resolution of the G5 had become incompatible with the resolution of the KVM switch. The G5 now has a dedicated monitor and keyboard.