Welcome to the Liss Mug's Drupal home page.


While Drupal is not specific a Mac exclusive technology, it can be installed on Mac though. It is my chosen CMS, powered by PHP, on Linux or Mac Apache servers, it is pure open source. In fact there is a version of Drupal for MS IIS Server.

Liss Mug use it for their web site. Drupal is useful as it provides a modular approach to web design, and the core provides a good set of basic functionality straight out of the box, or rather out of the download, as been open source is available for download from The Drupal Website

I have recently deployed Mac on my Mac OS Server 10.6 as the framework for my Intranet. In order to install Drupal, you need to download MAMP, Macintosh Apache My SQL and PHP.

Image Assist

This module adds the ability to upload pictures to pages as inline images, they will float around the page next to the text. In order to get this working you need to get hold of the following modules.

  • Image
  • Img_Assist
  • Views

You need to specify the location of temp files a path would be /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/Intranet/sites/default/files/images/temp This is set Administer --> Site Configuration --> Images --> Image Import - Set the path above for Import Path