Download the Lion Install Application

If you have already downloaded the Lion install, and you let it install, it will automatically self destruct. This is not very good if you decide to do a clean install later, because Lion will only install as a upgrade to Snow Leopard.

Or does it! Well there is a way, but you need the original install application as downloaded from the App Store. But since this has now self destructed, and if you go to the purchased section of the App Store it shows the application as installed. It looks like you are now stuffed.

Apple have a way of allowing you to re-download the installer application again with out been charged, however it is a hidden option. Below is the full instructions for re-downloading the application from the App Store again.

Download Lion a Second Time

Open the App Store application (picture 1), and click on purchased icon at the top. you will see against Lion and all other applications it is showing as Installed (picture 2).

However if you hold down the Option Button and at the same time click on on the the Purchased button
[⌥ + Click on Purchased button], then hold the option [⌥] button for about ten seconds, it will change the status of Lion to Install (picture 3).

Now you just click on Install and start the download process again. You may have to enter your App Store credentials again, but it will now allow you to download the package again, without charging you. The downloaded file is placed in the applications folder, and it will run the install again, placing the install application on the dock. click on the application on the dock and quit the application, we will not be installing it again. The application will remove it's self from the dock, but not the applications folder.

To see how to create an install DVD for a clean install I refer you to my tutorial page on creating a install disk from the install download.