Removing a Picture from Image Assist

To remove an image from Image Assist Module requires three basic steps.

  • Remove the image from Drupal pages
  • Remove the image page resource from drupal
  • Delete the actual Images files from public_html, use SSH

Remove Image from pages

On each page that the image exist, remove the span tag that Image Assist Module places on the body code of the page. You will have to manually navigate to each page and do this otherwise when you remove the actual picture form the site, it will leave a place holder with an empty frame.

Remove the image page

Now go to content management, and remove the image page the was created. Content type will be "Image". Now edit the page and at the bottom of the edit page there will be a button marked "Delete", click this button and confirm you are happy deleting the page permentaltley.

Remove image from site.

SSH onto the website

#> ssh 192.168.x.y -l username

Navigate to /home/sites/ Notice that the path includes the whole path on the remote server, access to /home/sites is strictly forbidden, and the root of the home folder for my site is so the the command to navigate to the final location is.

#> cd ./public_html/sites/default/files/images

Now list the files that you wish to remove. there will normally be two or files relating to the image. the full size picture is name "[filename].png" or "[filename].jpg". Notice there is also a thumbnail file as well. "[filename].thumbnail.png" or "[filename].thumbnail.jpg".

#> ls filename*

Having located the files, use the rm command to remove the files from the site.

#> rm filename.png
#> rm filename.thumbnail.png

Finally log out of SSH

#> logout