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Throughout these articles certain standards / conventions have been followed. When a combination of control keys are listed they are in the form of [⇧ + ⌘ + U] or [Shift + Cmd + U]. See table of special keys below. Each key is shown joined together with a + (plus). This sample is a combination of the Shift key, Command Key and "U" key, all keys need to be pressed at the same time, all the letter keys are case insensitive.

The table below will only render properly on an Apple computer, but since this site is dedicated to the Apple Mac community then it should not cause any issue. Any non Apple users reviewing this page will find that the Symbol column below shows strange characters; this is due to not having the Unicode font installed. In the texts I have also shown the descriptive combination of keys i.e. [shift + Cmd + U]. This is shown side by side the symbol version.

Keyboard Special Keys

Special Key Unicode Symbol Special Key Unicode Symbol
Apple Logo  Eject ⏏
Option ⌥ Return ↩
Cmd ⌘ Tab ⇥
Shift ⇧ Backspace ←
Shift-Lock ⇪ Enter ⌅
Escape ⎋      

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