Fixing Boot Issue

Sometimes Macs fail to start up properly and it's then we need to get the system fixed. The important thing to do is not panic. There are a number of different ways to start up a mac even if you are not aware of them.

Different Boot Options

For instance you can start the system in safe mode, verbose mode, and single user mode, in addition to the normal start up. These mode are full operation startups, usually on a mac that has an os on the primary hard disk. In addition to these modes there are several ways to bring a system up form DVD or Network so you can get a system loaded onto the main system hard drive.

  • Single user Mode
  • Verbose Mode
  • Safe Mode

Safe Mode Startup

To Start up in Safe mode, Start the Mac in the normal way, however when you hear the startup chime, press and hold the shift button, ⇧ [Shift] then wait until the apple  symbol apears, and realse the shift button when the gear icon starts spinning.

Eventualy the system will start in safe mode and presents the login box, then you need to sign in using your usual login credentials. In safe mode a number of startup items and other resources like fonts etc. won't get started.

Troubleshooting Blank Blue Screen

Sometimes if some startup item or other issue develops that prevents the user interface been fully loaded it leaves the system unable to login. From here if you use Finder to navigate to ~/Library/startupitems folder you can remove the startup items causing the issue, then allow the system to start again normally and hopefully this time every thing will be fine.

Apple Resourse for troubleshooting boot and startup issues.

Remove incompatible third party Startup Items