Drupal Modules

Drupal has lots of modules, providing fuctionality accros a wide range of catogries. Two of the more popular modules are the pathauto, and Image Assist. Below is instructions on installing these modules.

Image Assist

Image Assist is used to facilitate the uploading of images to pages, with the ability to create in-line images with the text on a web page. This will also generate the html, and insert it to the body code at the point the cursor is at, when the Image assist module is invoked. Image Assist is dependent on the Image and Views Modules.


Pathauto, creates a sensible URL Path, for created pages, instead of the /node/xx way Drupal normaly creates pages. The Pathauto module is dependent on the token module so this also needs to be downloaded as well.

Node Privacy ByRole

Node Privacy ByRole Module, takes advantage of the role feature of Drupal core to allow extra permissions to be set on nodes.

Administration Menu

The Administration Menu Module gives the site developer an easy way to get the Admin menus as a crumb line menu system, that takes little screen real estate at the top of the screen. Making access to the admin functions such as site building and user admin a breeze.

Poor Mans Cron

This module provides cron jobs from within drupal. It is useful when hosting companies don't provide cron for you.

Taxonomy Super Select

This module extends and improves on the use of taxonomy on any Drupal site, instead of having to ctr+click on multiple taxonomy terms, this module will display the list as either radio or selection boxes, thus making ctr+clicking obsolete.


This module allows the setting up of web forms