Welcome to the WAMUG Collaboration page. Wessex Mac User Group, covers the area from Hampshire in the east, to Weymouth in the West. They have several meetings in the various places within this wide area.

Andrew Banks at a recent Fareham meeting did a talk on Drupal, how to install it, and use it, he demonstrated several Drupal websites listed below.

Drupal Based Websites

Drupal Presentation to WAMUG on 25th June 2011

At a recent WAMUG Andrew Banks, from the Fareham meetings presented a keynote presentation on Drupal, it's installation and setup. Below are some links to the resources used for that presentation including the presentation itself.

Swift Publisher Presentation to WAMUG on 29th October 2011

I demoed the Swift Publisher Application to the WAMUG members present. Swift publisher is from a company called Belight Software and they have a suit of budget end Desktop publishing and print based applications. I use this to produce my Quaterly newsletter for my Bellringing group.

Terminal presentation to WAMUG on 31st March 2012

I kicked off this by showing some videoes training material from Lynda dot com a 3rd party video training service. Then added to this by demo some of the commands I have found useful.

Automator & GPS4Cam application presentation to WAMUG on May 26th 2012

I gave a talk on Automator and how to create an automator script and convert it to a executable. After this I gave a demonstration of an GPS application for the iPhone, that allows the GPS feature of the iPhone to be used to update the Geotag locations on photos taken with out a geotag feature. The iPhone application takes GPS snapshots and using the date and time stamps matches these with the camera's date and time stamps on the photos then updates the photo meta data with the geo data for location.

iTunes Features presentation to WAMUG on 24th November 2012

I did a talk on iTunes features such as the iTunes Match and other services such as genus